gallery information
gallery info

Please note, this site is not related in any way to any previous Pixifoto Gallery.
Please read below to learn about different galleries. Logging into this site will not grant gallery access.

2018 to present - New Pixifoto Gallery

The new Pixifoto Gallery became live on 1st January 2018, and is the only gallery we can offer assistance with. Digital packages purchased on or after 1st January 2018 will be available via this new gallery. Access is only available once you have purchased images and received your login details. Images previously viewed through CEWE MyPhotos and MyPixiShare are not available via this new gallery. There is no login area for this gallery, you must refer back to your sales confirmation email.

2015 to June 2017 - CEWE MyPhotos

If you had an active CEWE MyPhotos gallery prior to July 2017 then you will need to contact CEWE, who host these galleries. We have no access to any CEWE data, only they will be able to tell you if your gallery is still active. If you are unable to access your CEWE gallery then unfortunately we cannot help, and you will need to discuss this with CEWE.

2012 to 2015 - MyPixiShare

Support for MyPixiShare galleries ended in 2015, and access to all MyPixiShare galleries ended over 2 years ago. We have no access to anything related to MyPixiShare, either images or login data. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with any MyPixiShare enquiry.

Can I buy images for a new gallery?

Possibly. We can search for your images, and if we do have them we are able to sell them to you at a discounted rate. Unfortunately we are unable to offer free replacement galleries under any circumstances. It is very unlikely we have anything going back further than 2015. If you would like us to check to see if we still have your studio images, please click here.